Mork lives above me Monday, 20 June 2011

The TV series starring Robin Williams saw a loveable Mork on our planet after being sent to earth to observe human behaviour, my Mork I feel has been banished from his planet ‘Ork’, I fear for the same reasons that make me want to end his family tree.

Mork has managed to infiltrate our complex benefits system and is now living off incapacity benefit and has convinced officials his got a bad back and that work on this planet wouldn’t be good for him, spending his days on his back and his evenings what can only be likened to auditioning for the famous stage show ‘Stomp’ upon my ceiling.

Morks lived above me now for 2 years, I don’t believe he will ever be called back to the home planet he came from I think he probably leeched off the system there, his somebody’s else’s problem, namely mine and Earths.